Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Italian Students for Spain

Some information about me:

Name: ASIA
Surname: VILLA
Date of birth: 11.03.2002                                                                               
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Some information about me:
Surname: FAVAZZA
Date of birth: 03/10/2002                                                                                
Home Tel. N° : +39
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Illnesses (i.e. allergies) : ABSENT
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Date of birth: 13/09/2002                                                                                
Home Tel. N° : +39
095 276465
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E-Mail : silviablu@videobank.it
Illnesses (i.e. allergies) :
Amoxicillina Acido Clavulico  (principio attivo di antibiotici tipo Clavulin, Augmentin)
Eating habits (vegetarian/diabetic) : NORMAL/NO

Some information about me:
Date of birth: 26/04/2002                                                                                
Home Tel. N° : +39
095 270022
Mobile Phone : +39 338 2911536 – +39 347 6635580
E-Mail : micalizzi67@alice.it
Illnesses (i.e. allergies) : ABSENT
Eating habits (vegetarian/diabetic) : NORMAL

Waiting for our guest

Sunday, 19 October 2014

Thursday, 16 October 2014

"S.D. Savio" Presentation

Dear friends,
this is our school in video:

Or you can  download "powerpoint presentation" from Google Drive:

school presentation

Warm Hugs

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Project Launch in "San Domenico Savio" - Italy

 Hi everyone,
Tuesday, October 14, at 4:30 pm, our school has launched the Erasmus +  project with pupils, their parents, the Director, teachers and Local Authorities (Dr. Giusy Lo Bianco, Head of Education for the City of San Gregorio). The project has been welcomed by parents with a lot of enthusiasm!
Following: the article in the newspaper "La Sicilia" and some photos documenting the meeting.

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Ideas for presentations

Hi everyone,

 I wanted to share with you our ideas.

 We were thinking about bringing some artifacts connected to our countries and let other pupils suggest what they could mean and thus activate their former knowledge. We then explain the meaning and the artifacts will be presented to the host school. I think it would be nice if we bring something which could be identified with our countries /cities, represent it and present it. What do you think?

Concerning the mascot - what if we took a globe and give it legs, hands and a smile and let it appear on the pages interactively and ask questions or guide through the sites?



Project Launch

Dear friends,
this is the pubblicity flyer that we have prepared for parents and Local Bodies to pubblicize the launch of the project.



As everyone can read in the project the results of it, or final products, are not only the game because it is just one of them:
The creation of a Sofware of a Digital Online Game about the different knowledge fields investigated and related to our curriculum subjects. (Everyone together with Collaborators in stages for 2 years, the final game will be at the end of the project not before)
The creation of a DVD of each mobility. (recorded and edited by university students to link in our web and to have a final DVD at the end
The creation of a website to exchange materials, productions and works and also as a sharing platform for teachers and students.( in process)
The creation of innovative and collaborative activities in order to improve Key competences as some  exhibitions, concerts,  plays of theatre,  book of recipes,  sport competitions....(everything is detailed in each country output BY EACH country in each mobility)
The creation of a teacher training course included in each mobility and also included in Project website to share with all the teachers of participants schools.(coordinator school, first meeting in Spain we will give you a training course and a schedule)
The creation of a collaboration net among all partnerships schools and their collaborators (Parents associations, City Halls, educational authorities, University, museums, groups.... give them the opportunity to link in our website. (In process).

Moreover these products in which they will be participants pupils from 10 to 14 in our schools (everyone), we will have more activities in which each school will consider which students will be involved, for instance:
- In Spain, in Project corners, everyone, teachers and students.
. Days of the country before meetings, for instance the week before each meeting we will celeabrate activitities related to their culture or customs or whatever. (Each school will decide).
When the schedule of mobility in Spain will be fixed, we will send you a list of everything with costs of accomodation, dinners transports, be sure we'll try to do it our best, we are experienced in planning european projects.

Presentation of each country: the first day will take place a presentation of each school and students, not so complicated and long, only to know our selves better, in a power point or what ever, and pictures of our project corners and students preparing the visit, investigating the questions.... every country choose. Every presentation should be host in our blog, even we use to have it also in a pendrive just to avoid last time inconveniences. The first presentation should be also around CUltural Heritage and Music in your cities( Isuggest no more than 10 minutes each school not to do it very long). Teachers will presentate it to the rest of partners.

I can not do anything about doubts about expences, I am sorry but the grant of every country should be administer by each school, I repeat again I am only try to do our best not spending too much but I think it is quite enought for everyone.
At the end of meeting, everyone will show about the meeting to others (You choose the way)

to be continued (I am sorry again)


- We are not going to stop working together. If our project is selected then we'll start communicate it to:  our headteachers then to Educational authorities,Parents associations and University, just because all of them are going to be involved in it. Of course we'll draw a schedule before 1st September when we'll run the project together. We'll also prepare a website and a e-twinning chat room and twin space to communicate ourselves in an easy way. When our communication channels will be clear for us all then we'll send an email to every organization that are going to collaborate with us: University, Museums, City Halls, Tourist offices, and near 50 collaborators that are going to support greater or lesser this amazing project around seven european countries.
The commnunication stage in our school is almost finished. Today we have a meeting with all the teachers in our school to talk about it and invited them to our blog to participate.

I've already opened our project in e-twinning, and a chat room.
Our website is  going to be start up by University teachers, and host by them.
In there we'll link everything we need such us:
- School web pages and related important ones each school consider.
- our blog site.
- etwinning place and chat room
- fourms for teachers and students.
- tools to organize mails and informations.
- a link with our digital game.
So there will be the way in organize everything in the same place effective and safe.
They are already working in the design, I'll give you more details when I have got them.
About the twin space it is ok for for if any volunteer wants to open it, so when it is ready we also can link it in our webpage.
About the meeting with University principal: they are ready to collaborate and work with us in several aspects such as the data base of the digital game and website, morever they'll assess and record in a final DVD every single meeting in which we participate in.
Details about the game:
One character will be getting over stages to reach a final challenge. This charecter should be someone funny or motivating or even invented by our students, someone like a traveller, a spy, a journalist,a police, adetective..... so you can ask and suggest even we can design or invent a name.
So this could be a first homework for these days.
They are working with suggestions We gave such us: online/offline game to installa in tablets as a app.
Different levels of difficulty, for different ages.
Android system to be supported wtih tablets and pcs.
About tablets and digital cameras we asked for it in the project.
We have to investigate to try to order it all in the same distributor in the moment our NA enter us the budget. I am also into it.
The stages of the game will match with meetings so for instance before spanish meeting all the participants students will work with CULTURAL HERITAGE AND MUSIC, EVERYONE WORKS ABOUT THEIR COUNTRIES, REGIONS AND CITIES. Our students will suggest 50 questions about this topic/subject (It is ok if they are 25 Culture 25 Music) but every single question should be go with 3 possible answers (of course only one correct). In the very first time the University staff include the data base in our website each country will have a user name and a password to include the questions and answers. If we follow the schedule they gave us, this could be ready before Spanish meeting maybe the week before, if it is not possible, do not worry because every country has got their questions and answers and we can include them in here.
At the end of the project we will have and on/off line built by everyone in which they could reach a reward or diploma or certificate to print.

Other things: Children insurance: European health card for everyone even I am not sure how it works in your countries, my chidren have it and it is useful in every european area. in Spain the health system covers everything if you have the card.
Julia I can see every thing is under control and your dates of mobilities are OK. This year: Spain Italy and Poland. Next year the rest of partners schools.
During your stay in Here I am sure we can work in every single aspect it will be no clear for us and study what it works here and what it doesn't work to change it.
the accomodation with Spanish teachers will be proposed or raised in today's meeting, but there is also the possiblity to host you all in a hotel next to school and all host families, it is affordable for everyone.
About the trip to Madrid: When you'll have your tickets to Madrid the 30th November please send me names and time of arrival because we can book a bus to translate to Cuenca for everyone. If it is not possible we can consider private teachers cars or train.
Of course we have thought about children time, because we are teachers and it is our job and responsability, I do not understand some doubts.
I'll continue in a part 2.... or to be continued

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Greatings from the Czech Republic

Hello everybody

The blog looks very nice, I like it.
The time for our first meeting in Spain is just perfect - 30th November to 6th December.

We will also have our newspaper article coming soon.

Looking forward to seeing you and hearing from you.



Good morning everyone!
Here we are working in the new project and trying to organize our first steps in best way for everyone.
I want to show you other ways to commnunicate coordinators moreover our email addresses.
I think this blog and chat room in e twinning could be both alternatives.

This week we are planning and informing to any institution that are going to be involved with us in the development of our project.
As I told you we have informed to public and educational institution, parents associations, NA, University,etc.
Next Tuesday we have our first Erasmus + meeting at school with all the teacher. Any information in there, I'll let you know.

Also We have written an article and we sent it to every digital mass media. Local or Regional.
I recommend you all to do the same because we said to do it in order to disseminate and impact our project in our local communities.

Apart of the communication we have agreed to postpone our Spanish meeting some days, because as NA told it is better if we want to be sure thr budget has been paid to schools.
So we have thought that the best for us the week from 30th November 6th December, what do you think??

We also are working in a logo that represent our project and our countries to use it in our blogs and our communication and articles for press.

Finally I would like you invite every teacher in your schools to participate in this blog to know ourselves better and to exchange information about daily works in the project.
Best wishes